What is FLOR/KOR?

Florida/Korea Economic Cooperation Committee, Inc. (commonly known as “FLOR/KOR” for short) is a statewide public-private partnership created in 1982 dedicated to promoting trade, investment, education, tourism and friendship ties between Florida and Korea. To accomplish its mission, FLOR/KOR works in close cooperation with the Korea-U.S. Economic Council (KUSEC) and the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) in Seoul, and locally partners with the Office of Florida Governor and economic development organizations throughout the state, including Enterprise Florida 


What does FLOR/KOR do?

FLOR/KOR serves as a point of contact and facilitator for Florida traders, investors and professionals seeking business opportunities and the development of ties in Korea with Korean companies and organizations. Delegates from Florida to the Joint Conference programs with KITA/KUSEC must be active members of FLOR/KOR to register and participate.
Through programs and events statewide as well as the joint conference programs with KITA/KUSEC, FLOR/KOR helps identify and promote business opportunities in Korea, and provides a forum for discussing key bilateral issues, exchanging ideas and assisting one another in promoting mutually beneficial business, education, tourism, cultural and friendship ties with Korea.
Through its formal relationship with the Korea-U.S. Economic Council (KUSEC) and the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), FLOR/KOR also provides its members access to key figures at the highest level of business, industry, and government in Korea - valuable contacts not normally available to an individual Florida business person operating on his or her own.
FLOR/KOR works in close partnership with the Executive Office of the Governor, the Governor’s Office of Tourism, Trade & Economic Development and with Enterprise Florida and local economic development, international and Korea-related organizations throughout the state to carry out its mission. It also plans, organizes and coordinates Florida’s participation in joint conferences and events with KITA & KUSEC. In addition, FLOR/KOR organizes; supports and/or conducts Korea related seminars and events statewide.






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